Get a Grip on it

Admit it. You have been guilty of daydreaming. Staring out the window wishing it were about 75 degrees. You are longing for the look and smell of freshly mowed fairways. But, it is January and you happen to live in the greatMidwest. The only green you’ve seen these days is the Christmas tree you just took down at home for this wonderful season. Well, that is, of course, unless you include the money that you are also thinking of spending on a new set of golf clubs. Now that’s an awful lot of green! I ‘d like to offer a suggestion before your fantasizing turns into an another expensive golf-related purchase. Step one: get a grip on yourself! Step two: put a new set of grips on your existing clubs! Step three: forget about the latest edition of your favorite club available on the market because you’ve just created a brand new set!

Yes, you heard me correctly. You can instantly transform your irons and woods into something worth keeping in the bag. Do you need to try something new to be convinced? There are plenty of options available. Certainly, I believe that you can put your hands on a different style golf grip that will excite you! Go to your local golf store and let your hands have fun feeling the various textures and sizes. Hey, some of you have never had new grips installed before. No worries. You will discover just how important this component part of the club really is when you feast on the samples. Your eyes will be opened as your hands provide you with instant feedback. This grip is too large. This one is too small. This grip feels very tacky. This one is too much like your old grips. Look, it is perfectly natural to be attracted to a particular grip because of it’s appearance. You love the look, the color, and the design. However, having golf grips that match the clubhead or shaft in some manner is not going to help your cause on the golf course. When you find the feel that is most pleasing to your hands, then try to coordinate if you insist on being fashion conscious with your clubs. I would suggest going online to find the best deal on the grip that you have chosen. You might be surprised to find an assortment of colors are available for your favorite style. So, you can have it all without spending an arm and a leg!

Let’s face it. Your golf clubs have plenty of life left in them. As silly as it may sound, think with your hands. They are your only connection to the club. This is a very important relationship. It is also a very unique relationship. What is a perfect match for me may not work at all for you. Therefore, it would not be logical for me to recommend a specific golf grip. Grip it and then rip it!