April Showers

If April showers bring May flowers, what is it that May flowers bring? Well, golf, of course, right? The Masters golf tournament gets me excited each year to get out on the golf course.

13th Hole at Augusta National Golf Club

13th Hole at Augusta National Golf Club

However, it seems too often that weather is determined to play other types of games with golfer’s minds and grand plans. The roller coaster ride that is the ups and downs of the April temperatures here in Northeast Ohio may prevent many from making their first drive to their favorite course. Yet, even as this lends to a shorter golf season overall, the month of May still can provide some of your most memorable moments. Let’s consider what we can do to begin preparing ourselves for the summer golf season, as we ride out the April roller coaster.

I will just briefly touch on one simple thing every one of us can do to prepare for that sometimes daunting first tee shot of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is life changing so pay close attention! I recommend picking up a golf club daily! Yes, that’s it! If you normally put your clubs away after that last round in the fall, and never hold a single one until you are at the course in the springtime, you have not developed that bond that is absolutely necessary between your hands and the grip of the golf club.

Not again, you mutter. Here he goes rambling about my grip. I’ll ignore that remark. Your hands provide the only connection to your clubs. You need to develop that relationship. Any relationship takes work, including this one. The more familiar you are with both the correct positioning of your hands as they form their grip and the right amount of pressure which you want to apply the more likely this special relationship is to succeed. Who among us does not have a couple minutes each day to practice our grip? I dare say, not a single soul! It truly is that important. This can never be overstated. If you don’t have a good grip, you can’t play good golf. There is no way around it.

Your hand position and pressure influence your ability to control the clubface. They also dictate whether you are able to utilize a major power source for your golf swing correctly and completely. I am referring to the wrists as that source. So, yes, the hands do play an incredibly crucial role in determining how accurate and powerful your game can be. Friends, if you neglect your grip, your ball striking and scoring will never improve. If you have spent too many months away from your clubs, they are begging for some attention. Remember, if proper heed is not given to their beckoning call, then they may be the ones filing for a divorce from you in the near future!

Here’s a thought. If you have a favorite TV program which you watch, grab a club in you hands and rekindle that spark. You must not wait until you are on the first tee to start fiddling with your grip. You are going to be fiddling all day. Most likely this is not going to produce pleasing sounds to anyone’s ears. Seriously, a few minutes a day practicing your grip will result in a natural feel, a perfectly comfortable sensation, absolute confidence, and those May moments to remember. If you have any doubts concerning your grip, let’s chat.


photo credit: brettchisum via photopin cc