Don’t Feed the Animals

Did you know that the road to a healthier lifestyle is often paved with trash? This type of littering has always been a serious problem. Unfortunately, no citations will be written, and, therefore, no fines will serve as a deterrent to prevent this behavior in the future. One seeking to reform his ways must always see beyond the garbage that may be heaped on his path, and even literally upon him. It is easier said than done, though. This can be a grueling journey, particularly when the guilty party, the person whose rubbish is in his way and in his face, is someone he knows. During the reformative stages of one’s D.I.E.T. the all too familiar offerings of refuse can make you feel more than a little uncomfortable. There are reasons why the dealers of “junk food” seem compelled to make your quest more arduous. However, if you are on the receiving end of these persistent efforts to sabotage your good work, the focus today must be on you, and not the offender. Nevertheless, you will have to deal with the litterbugs sooner than later.

You body is your responsibility, and yours alone. Yours is the task of protecting it from harm as much as possible. Strengthen it. Strengthen your will to do what you alone are commissioned to do. Yours is the task of taking charge of how it is fueled, when it is fed, and why it is filled. Take ownership of your body’s basic nutritional needs. Anyone, who is not “all in” with your health and wellness program is going to prove to be an obstruction. Nothing short of complete cooperation forms an acceptable alliance in this journey. So, despite whatever shortcomings you may think exist in your communication skills, talk about it. Speak clearly and emphatically to those in your inner circle about your goals and your expectations. You set the standards for what is appropriate. You must dictate to everyone, not delegate to anyone, your specific requirements. Your desire is to become supremely disciplined and regimented with your daily consumption of food. You need not fear broadcasting your plan to avoid the toxic, recycled, processed garbage that abounds in the daily feeding rituals of far too many. A press conference isn’t necessary. A bold statement of your intentions will suffice. Hey, it is great if someone else wants to help you steer clear of this poisonous onslaught. It is extremely helpful. But, don’t count on it, at least for now. You may be disappointed. “Though we may not be our brother’s keeper, we are our brother’s brother. And because we have been given much, we too must give.”-Jeffrey R. Holland  We should care more and not cripple one’s dreams. We should know better than to impair another’s progress. We should seek deeper understanding in order to avoid damaging our brother’s and sister’s efforts to become their best self. Sadly, we do not step up, and man up, and perform our job of lifting up those around us who need some support as they travel through this wasteland of trash. We are obligated to do better and to be better. “When a man is trying to change for the better, the worst thing you can do is to keep reminding him of his past.”-unknown  By shoving “treats” in your face, or treating you to meal in unfriendly territory, you are being forced to constantly confront your past eating transgressions. I am not going to mix words here. If you don’t open your mouth to speak your peace, it will be opening to eat a piece of something you have sworn secretly to give up. The tempting offerings from others will not end. When you make a declaration of your beliefs, it doesn’t guarantee that others will change. Remember, it is you attempting to change! So, speak up and stand up for yourself. They will be accountable for their actions. You are accountable for your reactions.

So, until the time comes when someone else gets on board with you, this journey is yours to bear. Though the stench from the endless junkyards of popular, empty food choices may grow to be overwhelming, keep walking. It’s amazing what you can do when you have to do it! Put on a mask and blinders if you must. Better yet, put on the whole armor, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of your eating adversaries. Above all, take the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts from the wicked who seek to keep you unhappy, overweight, and unhealthy. You will find a strength beyond your own. Coupled with a knowledge of who you are capable of becoming, this new found power to resist temptation will lead you safely on your journey. It has to come from within you. You could try wearing a tee-shirt that reads “Don’t feed this animal. I can take care of that myself. Thank you, very much.”, but something tells me that won’t be enough. The current mindset of many is that nothing is broken, so therefore, there isn’t any need for a fix. Don’t worry. I like your mindset. It’s not about fixing something broken. Maybe, as you say, it’s about starting over and creating something better.