Eating vs. Exercise — It’s a Toss-up!

Fear not. I am not ignoring you. I have heard your plea for some clarity on a matter which has you spinning your wheels at the starting line. You, and surely others as well, are wondering if it matters at all how you begin this exciting, new part of your journey. Specifically, you would like me to tell you if you should start exercising first and then at some precise date and time in the future add the D.I.E.T. component. You know that I am not the type of person who is going to dictate how you must do things. I understand your perceived dilemma. Exercise then healthy eating? Healthy eating then exercising? You feel that you’d be biting off more than you can chew if you attempt to handle both. In truth, you know yourself better that anyone else does. So, I am guessing that whatever your instincts are whispering in your ear is probably most appropriate for you. However, I will be glad to give you some additional information which you can use to help make that decision easier. Hey, in truth, if it comes down to you flipping a coin to determine where you begin, you really can’t go wrong. I am just so thrilled that you are ready to do something now!

Why exercise? Although some of you may dread the very thought of it, the fitness component may be just what you need to ease your mind. Some marketing genius once coined the phrase, “Milk does a body good!” Well, someone should come up with a catchy phrase like “to work out your troubles, just workout!” When you make an effort to do literally anything beyond your current level of physical activity, you begin to feel better almost immediately. Due to the exciting process of endorphin production in your brain during exercise, you will actually feel better about yourself. Yes, it is true. That which you hate can make you happier! Ironic, isn’t it? For a super emotional boost when you are down in the dumps, or to deal with those ever-growing feelings of frustration concerning your job, just start moving! To combat the damaging effects inflicted upon the body as a result of stress, regardless of the root of its existence, keep moving! Exercise beats down cortisol, even as you beat yourself up with a workout. To create a more resilient you, capable of taking everything that life has to throw at you in stride, continue walking! Exercise packs a powerful punch! Even in small doses, it really does your body good. You have at your disposal, the most efficient, 24 hour. full-service pharmacy in your neighborhood. No, not that giant, new CVS at the corner, but, rather, your very own body. By starting to exercise today, you can access your built-in pharmacy and pay nothing for hormones and neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine, and Glutamate. These brain chemicals are responsible for helping you to relax and feel good! To refill a prescription for them, no phone call is required. All that you have to do is exercise, again! Don’t you feel great already? Doesn’t this information make you want to spring from the couch into action? No, it doesn’t. Well, you will someday soon.

Why eat right? Begin to change your eating habits today and you can expect to notice a significant difference in your mood. The instability and irritability which have previously been prevalent throughout your days will quickly become a distant memory. By choosing to eat more appropriately, you will be gaining control of your blood glucose levels. You will undoubtedly be more fun to be around. You may become the life of any party or gathering! Do you want to lose that excess body fat before the New Year’s celebration, then get a jump start today by closely watching what you eat. No, I don’t mean staring at your food like my five year old does. What this change calls for is a conscious effort to monitor the types of food that you are ingesting. Eliminate as much of the sugary, processed garbage that you have been poisoning yourself with and your body will be thanking you. Yes, you will need to purge yourself of the toxins which you have been granting free access to your body via your mouth. Every cell from head to toe will be doing jumping jacks and summersaults in celebratory fashion due to your new approach. Every system in the body will function more effectively and efficiently. Indeed, you are a mighty machine which requires the proper fuel to operate at maximal levels. Your decision to eat your way to better health will bring to pass the resurrection of your once broken-down engine. Your life can literally be reclaimed. Go green and see what I mean! Sure, recycling is the right thing, but vegetables are the real king. With so many choices available, there is something in this kingdom for everyone. If perchance you don’t enjoy the sight of vegetation, but are willing to do what is necessary, throw them in a blender. Drink it down, and lift up your heart health. It is amazing how quickly your body will respond when you treat it with respect. What have you to lose when you choose D.I.E.T. modification? Nothing, I say, except for unwanted weight, of course. By reducing the size of your meals, you will also be shrinking the size of your waist-line. That’s a fair trade-off, isn’t it? Choose you this day what you will serve for meals, and you may actually discover that you have the energy to exercise. Funny how that works! So, you say that you have been moved to relinquish the sweets and treats. Or are you feeling that inspiration may direct you to some perspiration through a delightful workout routine? Still not quite sure? I’ll provide the coin!

Whatever your decision, you will be happy with it. You have two exceptional candidates. Either choice will lead you to where you need to be. I believe it is time to vote! Let’s get busy!

photo credit: Nancy D. Regan via photopin cc