Is It Really True?

Is it really true? You are officially on the lookout for some exercise equipment for your home or apartment? Do you have visions of an aerobic machine dancing in your head, or perhaps that glow in your eyes is due to an image of yourself as a strength trainer for the first time. Could it be true? You have already picked out some prime real estate in your home to house your precious purchase. Will it assume a highly visible position in your living room or will it be nestled comfortably in your basement? “Location, location, location!” The specific locale of this new addition to your family will have no significant bearing on its role in your life. Is it true? You’ve vowed that this relationship will last. You insist that you are not merely engaged in an impulse purchase prompted by the typical New Year’s resolution. You are really ready to endure all things with your new fitness partner!
Thank goodness that you do not have blinders on at the moment. You know what happens all too frequently to these shiny, new exercise toys. They are played with for a while and then, suddenly, forsaken, abandoned, and completely forgotten. Most people don’t outgrow them. They do not really give up on them. They give up on themselves. To illustrate this point, I offer you the following list. I searched the local area on Craigslist and discovered this lengthy, but only partial, group of items posted for sale on but one day in January.
     Vertical leg press           New Balance 5K6100 exercise bike        Tunturi Pro exercise bike
     Bowflex ultimate           Schwinn Medallion stationary bike        Marcy weight machine
     Ab slider                          75 CM fitness ball                                      Complete home gym
     Airdyne bike/arms       weight lifting equipment                          ProMaster treadmill
     New Ab trainer              Vitamaster stationary bike                      ProForm 835QT treadmill
     Push-up discs                PowerZone weight bench                         ProFit iron gym bar
     stability ball                   Cardio Zone Super Sport                         Gazelle exercise machine
     kettle bells                     Marcy Platinum Mp-4500 gym              Schwinn DX900 flywheel
     Bowflex climber           Sky Trek Glider                                          Bodyrider Dual trainer
     Weslo treadmill            LifeFitness 95C bike                                 Health rider
     Stairmaster 400PT      Pilates reformer                                         VTX weighted ball
     Life Fitness C3 bike     Total Gym 1400                                         NordicTrack EXP 2000i
     Manual treadmill         Reebok adjustable dumbbells                 Vision Fitness Lifecycle
     BodySolid Squat           Trimax exercise machine                         Leg curl bench
 I can imagine each piece just begging for a new owner and a nice place to reside for another season of its life. Each piece undoubtedly has its own story. Each one had high hopes for its previous user. Each had longed for something more than the strained relationship which strangely developed in every case. As if with big, adorable puppy dog eyes, they all call out to anyone who appears willing to adopt them. Will it be love at first sight for you?
My wish for you is that the equipment you procure is something that you gradually grow to enjoy using. Let’s face it, love is not all glamorous. It takes hard work on your part. It is more of a decision than a mere feeling. You decide on a daily basis that all of the sweat, the burning, and the exhaustion is worth the commitment. And, indeed, it is. As time goes by, you will be grateful for the choice you’ve made over and over again to love yourself. To love yourself is to never give up on yourself. Few may support you. Some may even criticize you. However, by focusing on what is possible and practical you will find success. So, whether you invite a new recumbent bike, or some resistance bands, or a Total Gym to be a companion in your life, it really doesn’t matter. (I would give my personal stamp of approval for these particular pieces of equipment for many reasons!) Start today by reminding yourself just how much you deserve this gift of better health. It is true. Isn’t it? Yes, and never forget it!