Don’t Abandon Ship

So, it’s day two of your new approach to eating. You are hungry! No, that would not quite explain how you are truly feeling, would it? You are beyond famished. Ravenous might be the ideal description of your physical state. However, this goes well beyond just the pleadings of your growling stomach. The loud, negative thoughts in your head are actually the source of your inability to relax and sleep. This is about so much more than simply what hides behind the refrigerator doors and lurks within the bowels of your kitchen cabinets. You don’t believe that you can survive another minute on this new D.I.E.T.! The second thoughts you are having are as real as those strange sounds emanating from your mid-section. Those doubts concerning your decision to start this new meal program should not prevent you from being successful this time. Let me tell you why.

I believe that it is safe to say you have grown very tired of the status quo when it comes to your health. However, you are extremely leery of yet another meal plan. You have just begun and as of the second day you are already experiencing some of those all too familiar sensations associated with the implementation of the program. These identical feelings and thoughts have caused you to fall out of the boat in previous attempts to navigate the rough waters of change. Was that an enjoyable moment? No, I suspect it was not. You have been drenched in fear repeatedly. You’ve been soaked to the bone again and again. This time, things could get a little more serious. Drowning is a real possibility. If you give up now, you could pretend that you are content floating on the rivers of life. But you are not in control of the rapids, and therefore, you will never be happy if you bail out. You need to stick with the program to ensure that you do have control over your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. There is no possibility of that occurring if you concede that you are too water damaged anyway. That will never be true. You can always dry off and get back on board not matter how many times you’ve been damaged by the waters of regret. You will never reach your desired destination on your journey if you think that your only option is to plunge over the waterfall. There is only more water awaiting you at the bottom. With it comes more uncertainty. If anything, you must surely have learned that by now.

So, as you anxiously ponder your present state, take courage. Applying the same important safety instructions used for white water rafting can help you navigate the turbulent waters of your journey toward improved health. “Rule number one: Stay in the boat! Rule number two: Always wear a life jacket! Rule number three: Hold on with both hands!” Stay focused on the simple things and avoid becoming distracted.–M. Russell Ballard Stick to the plan and stay in the boat. Your safety is guaranteed. You can trust the time tested program and you can be assured that this boat is not going to sink. Its name is not the Titanic. It was designed to withstand the turbulent waters, and hey, maybe even an iceberg. You were not! Always wearing your life jacket can give you added assurance and confidence. You are not the first to travel this challenging river and you won’t be the last. Those who have gone before you and adhered to the safety instructions have achieved all that they hoped for and much more. They are inspired. They wish to help you. You cannot do this alone. Heed their wise counsel. Remember, you do not control the currents which will pull you this way or that way. So, always wear your life jacket. Rely heavily on your coach or trainer. He or she wants to see you smile with joy as much as you desire to feel jubilant and victorious over the rapids. Regardless of what happens, hold on with both hands. I cannot guarantee that even if you stay in the boat and do what is right as well as listen to the advice and encouragement of others that this is going to be a “piece of cake”. Sorry, I couldn’t help that. However, it will be possible, even probable if you but choose to hold on with both hands. The ride is still going to be rough. You will likely get sprayed by a little water, but you shall not drown. The tears of despair and discouragement will not cause you any more flood damage. For you are headed on a journey where no tears shall be shed for no sorrows remain. Hold on tight to what you know is true. You are capable of much more that you have believed. You have potential which is only limited by your fears. Take the hand of your trainer in moments of weakness. Everyone has them. But, this time they shall pass quickly. You have a greater purpose. You have greater support. You have a solid boat, a fundamentally sound program to keep you afloat!

It is not time for you to eat yet! Your body is adjusting to your new habits. Don’t panic. Stay in the boat! For what it’s worth, I’m in the boat. “Self-doubt is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing.”–Seth A. Smith There is plenty of room for you. This ship has an unlimited capacity.

photo credit: PeterJBellis via photopin cc