Jamil F.
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Very insightful and focuses on the basics first. Assigns homework to practice to help speed up improvement. Looking forward to more Lessons and getting better.

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August, 2020
John was wonderful. I feel like he really appeals to beginners up toward players trying to consistently break 80. He was punctual, pleasant and informative. John was able to hone in on 3-4 major factors/areas in one single lesson. He did this without feeling overwelming as well. Post lesson — John sent email recaps including pictures, habit reminders and an easy to read comprehensive summary. I would be shocked if there is a better value in the Cleveland area regarding golf lessons. I highly recommend his services.
August, 2020
John is an amazing coach. John really wants you to succeed but YOU have to put the work in. This was my first lesson and the best lesson I have ever had. I highly recommend John for anyone struggling or beginning with their golf game.
David M.
August, 2020
I have had my first lesson with John from Fairways to Health. He was able to connect with me and meet on very short notice and that was appreciated. He identified some issues I need to work on (sway, grip pressure, and take-a-way), showed me them via video and explained some drills to help. All of them have made a difference and with a bit more work on those three, I hope to meet with John again for the next steps. Would highly recommend.
Jason D.
August, 2020
After talking about it for several years I finally took the plunge and reached out for golf lessons, and I truly believe I hit the jackpot! My experience with lessons from John Drumm have been exactly what I needed. John is not only a very patient instructor he is very thorough. He makes sure I understand what he is saying and demonstrating and then he always follows the lesson up with a detailed recap via email. He has provided me with valuable photos and videos that further help me comprehend the concepts he has explained. I have only had two lessons with John and already I feel more confident with my swing. My husband and I went golfing after my recent lesson with John and he was amazed at my improvement. I’m excited to continue my golf journey with John as I feel my game will just get better and better.
Diane L.
August, 2020
John is a fantastic instructor. Once we got out to the range, I immediately started to learn the most critical points of improvement to my golf swing. He broke everything down into pieces and made it crisp and clear so that it was not an overwhelming amount of information. It gets as simple as Swing and Turn, Turn and Swing. Only a few hours after the face to face lesson, John had sent over feedback photos, breakdowns, elements to practice, as well as slow motion videos to review and reference. I give the experience 10/10 and highly recommend him to anyone interested in taking their swing and golf game to the next level. Look forward to the next meeting!
Brian D.
August, 2020
Best time I had learning and fixing my golf swing. He really simplifies want you need to fix on your swing so it was easy to understand. Highly recommend and will be returning for more lessons
Michael, M.
July, 2020
John is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He is patient at teaching the fundamentals . He is able to break down every aspect of your swing and help you with how to develop an appropriate swing for your body. After working with John, he sent me videos and emails to help me learn how to become a better golfer. I will definitely be taking more lessons and highly recommend him.
Robert L.
July, 2020
John is detail oriented and remarkably gifted in his ability to analyze a swing and maximize the productivity of your lesson. I showed up with (self taught) terrible habits and admittedly was embarrassed to play in front of my friends. In only 2 lessons with John, I saw a dramatic improvement in my swing and results. More importantly, John established a foundation for my golf game that I can build on for the next 30+ years, and that was no small order. I already am looking forward to my future lessons with John and highly encourage players of all skill sets reach out to John. You can be rest assured you are getting a best in class lesson with someone who is a born teacher and truly thoughtful person.
Ryan M.
July, 2020
John did such a great job rebuilding my swing literally from the ground up. I saw immediate improvement after one lesson. His calm demeanor and easy explanations made two hours pass by without me even realizing that we went past our originally scheduled time. You can tell that golf is his passion in life by the amount of work that he put into improving my swing. I was so excited when the lesson was over, I called three of my golfing buddies on the way home and told them about how great John is as a swing coach. I will definitely be scheduling time with him again.
Rob S.
June, 2020
It is unbelievable the amount of improvement that I was able to see in my swing after just one lesson with John. John was very thorough in his approach to analyzing my swing and I was able to see immediate results. He was very patient and I really liked how after the lesson we have a full debrief of everything we went over that day and then he sent a detailed email outlining everything once more. John is an outstanding golf instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone trying to take their game to the next level.
Scott L.
June, 2020
John is an incredible teacher and coach. If you are unsure about taking lessons, put your mind at ease and do it. John did pre-teaching work with me so that when we got together in person, I had already made grip and swing adjustments. That made our lessons go even further. He uses a variety of teaching and feedback mechanisms including live video and instant review, watching him, physical adjustments to you before, during, and after the swing. We all learn and improve differently – he really handles that part well. Highly recommend.
David R.
April, 2020
John is great. John is very passionate when it comes to instructing his students. Really knowledgeable instructor and easy to understand. He gave me great advice regarding my swing, and I was able to implement his instructions immediately. He’s NOT going to string you along, he will give you his very best from day one. I’m glad I chose him as my instructor and look forward to more lessons.
Mike G.
October, 2019

I was happily surprised at the result of my hour lesson today! Let me explain: I thought I was doing it all correctly but not getting good results (slicing a lot). John found a few problems with his keen eye and videos. He fixed my gripping of club and the amount of pressure, fixed my posture, fixed my shoulder and hip stance. He helped with hip rotation. He used physics to explain a few principles of good swing! Overall very satisfied! I hit a few balls after he left and I was surprised that a few corrections he helped me with actually worked! He is very thorough, very patient and all qualities that make me recommend him as a great golf instructor to any level of golfers out there!!

Pramod R.
September, 2019
Picked up the game again after a 10 year layoff and was looking for someone to help get me ‘restarted’ on the right foot. John was absolutely amazing and incredibly flexible with his time. I got more quality tips and value with him than I had in my 20 prior playing years of working with someone 3x’s his rate. Best golf instruction value in the area and a truly quality individual. John even sent me videos of our time together and custom drills for me to work on. He was exactly what I needed and I need to see him more to keep me on track. Awesome!!
David K.
September, 2019
I am an older person and a new golfer. I started working with John to see if I could come up the curve more quickly. John stresses fundamentals in stance, grip and swing for beginners as a way to build a solid foundation for growth. His attention to detail, slow motion video recording and email follow-ups after each session to summarize is a great way to learn. I highly recommend John for beginners like me or experienced golfers that want to improve.
Mark W.
September, 2019
I was looking for an instructor who could help me create a strong foundation for my golf game that would be long lasting. With John, I found someone who is willing to take the time to work with me from the ground up. We started with basic swing mechanics and have gradually moved to other areas of the game. John is patient, flexible, and provides valuable feedback after lessons including exercises to do at home. John is very knowledgeable and has given me a great experience!
Nick P.
September, 2019
I was looking for a quality but affordable golf swing coach. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the knowledge and deep experience that John possesses and shares. Focuses on the fundamentals and breakdown drills to train muscle memory. A great touch was a summary email that details everything that was discussed in the training session along with before/after adjustment photos. We will be continuing to leverage John in the future. 5 stars all the way across the board.
Jacob L.
September, 2019
John was excellent and gave a great recap that added value to later practice sessions.
Alex K.
September, 2019
John was excellent. Not only did he go through things to work on in a clear manner, but gave me ‘homework’ as well. Having things to work on at home and away from the course is super valuable to me since 95% of my week is spent away from the golf course!
Jacob G.
August, 2019
I have nothing bad to say about working with John. He helped me with my swing after one lesson. It just got easier as we went along. He is patient and professional. As he videos your complete swing from several angles, you will see the things he is teaching real time. After each lesson you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of your lesson and what to work on for next one. I would not hesitate to contact John and get your game to the next level. This man is an athlete.
Charles H.
June, 2019
John is great – he was very professional, and gave lots of actionable advice. I also really liked how he sent follow-up emails with pictures and videos that helped me review the lessons we covered in-person. Would definitely recommend!
Alex W.
May, 2019
John is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s very personable and doesn’t dictate his lessons by the clock. The lesson goes as long as it needs to, until he feels you’ve grasped the concept at hand. In addition, he provides you a thorough recap of the lesson so that you can be sure to practice between sessions. I’m a client and will continue to be a client.
John Y.
September, 2019
I highly recommend John for beginner or tune-ups to your golf game. His calm and detailed approach breaks down each step to an understandable pace and level and really helped with the mechanics of my swing. Very professional, punctual and great value!
Janet V.
September, 2019
I’ve taken some golf lessons from professionals over the years but none demonstrated the personal interest and dedication to your success like John. John is extremely organized and strategic in his approach to addressing your particular game and abilities. His post lesson emails which contain summaries of the lesson as well as photos and videos are most valuable and instrumental to expediting your progression. Thanks, John, for helping me enjoy this great game even more!
Kirk B.
June, 2018
I look forward to learning from John. He is a good teacher.
Krystal K.
October, 2017
Truly genuine person.
Lorna M.
August, 2017
I learned a tremendous amount in my first golf lesson with John. Would highly recommend him. Excellent!
Charlotte M.
July, 2017
John was very thorough in his approach to my golf lessons. He effectively used video to pre-analyze my swing and was ready to go when we met for the first time. He kept the lessons simple, yet effective. I highly recommend John for improving your game. By the way, I broke 80 for the first time last week. Thanks John!!
Brian M.
June, 2017
He is awesome! Here is an email I sent him. You are awesome! I haven’t gone thru all the information yet, but I’m excited to do so. I hit more balls today, and some shots were beautiful (at least to me, lol.) I got more out of the lesson you gave me, than any lesson I’ve ever had!!!!!
The feet, knees and hips info was MUCHO important. I’m going to try to hit balls every day and then in about a week, I’d love to have another lesson.
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are right, I am excited. I went from super frustrated to having a light bulb moment. I’m practicing with a purpose. I’m not hurting my arms like before and it is feeling more natural. BTW, when I implemented what you taught, it was a straight shot. YAY Thank you
Thumbtack Customer

October 15, 2016

Amazing and satisfied.

John has been amazing. His step-by-step approach in teaching my 11-year-old is just fantastic. Would highly recommend John to anyone who’s wanting to learn golf for the first time or refining their skills. Tks John

Rajesh K.

May 26, 2016

I have had one lesson with John and have already seen a huge improvement in my game based on suggestions John provided. He wrote a valuable review of the lesson and can’t wait for my second lesson after a few rounds played.

James A.

September 11, 2015

I really have enjoyed my time with John as he has worked with me to improve my golf game. Based on my experience I have passed his name along to family and friends in need of similar help. John is very friendly, calm and patient, and has good knowledge about the golf swing and body mechanics. He was also very flexible with scheduling appointments. I am hitting the ball better and plan on coming back to John for refreshers as needed. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a good lesson experience!

William M.

August 21, 2015

John is a great golf instructor! He is very patient and able to work around your schedule. His reviews are very thorough and he really reiterates what was taught during the lesson. I would recommend him to any inexperienced golfer! Great rate and definitely worth the money!

Deneace W.

July 9, 2015

Since I was young, I always knew I wanted to become a pretty good golfer, and after years of playing very casually and non-regularly, I decided to take it seriously and pursue some lessons. I am very lucky to have found John without going through others first. From completion of the first lesson, I was already beginning to feel more confident in my game. John is great at breaking down every aspect of the golf swing and has a great eye at pinpointing areas of improvement. I have been going to John for about 2 months now, and plan on continuing for the foreseeable future. If you are looking for lessons, I highly recommend him.

Vincent V.

June 15, 2015

John helped me out a bunch. We worked on my putting/short game for 45 minutes and it was great. Generally averaged 36-38 putts per round. Within a week, I dropped to 33 putts and two weeks had my best round ever at 26putts. Give him a shout.


May 11, 2015

My experience with John Drumm as a golf instructor has been nothing but impressive and extremely beneficial to my game. John is an extremely nice man and goes out of his way to schedule lessons around my busy schedule (even scheduling one at the very last minute!). He always sends a prompt review of each lesson that we do to my email which goes over, in detail, what we accomplished during the lesson and what I need to be working on in my own golf training time. The emails usually include pictures and sometimes videos! I have already noticed improvements in my game after only a few lessons. I would most definitely recommend John to those of us who want or need to make big strides in their golf game.

Alan S.

April 16, 2015

I have been taking lessons with Fairways to Health for over 2 months and couldn’t be happier. John has been instructing me in almost every aspect of the game. John is a fantastic teacher. He goes above and beyond. He is passionate about the game and that is infectious! He makes learning golf fun. I am already seeing progress and will continue to take lessons with Fairways to health. I have and will recommend John to friends!

Ashley A.

December 10, 2014

Very good person. Detail oriented. Has a methodical approach. Asks the right questions rather than teaching the right answers.

Sagar B.

November 16, 2014

My father found John Drumm through the thumbtack site and purchased me golf lessons for my birthday. John independently contacted me and set up a convenient time for both of us to meet for a lesson. The day ended up being rainy, cold, and windy. He let me reschedule the lesson at the last minute with no problems at all. He was very accommodating and even let me come to his house for the second lesson where he took me to his personal gym in the basement and we were able to practice in front of a large mirror. I was also impressed with how extensive his personal gym is. It is clear that he is dedicated to his fitness and sports game.

John comes from a sports background. He used to play baseball. In teaching the fundamentals of golf grip, stance, posture, and form he makes a lot of analogies to baseball pitching and this brought a whole new understanding to the golf game for me. As he demonstrated for me his pitching form, I gained a greater appreciation for weight transfer, separation of upper and lower body movements, and “the coil” which is essential to a successful golf swing.

I really liked how patient and thorough he is with me as a student. John doesn’t rush his students into hitting balls at the range. He has a practical approach – assessing the golfer’s baseline understanding of the game and building things from the ground up with proper mechanics. On our first lesson, we focused on chipping and putting which really solidified my understanding of the proper grip, stance, posture, and form. Mr Drumm not only showed me the proper form but he also explained the reasons and mechanics behind it. He made the lesson very informative and enjoyable for me and I have already seen big improvements in my swing. At my second lesson, John took pictures of my form and posture and emailed the photos to me so I could continue to analyze and improve my golf game.

I am looking forward to more lessons with John and I certainly recommend him to any other golfers who are seriously interested in improving their game. His approach is practical, efficient, informative, and thorough. John is dedicated to doing things the proper way and I certainly took a lot away from our lesson.

John A.

November 2, 2014

John Drumm of Fairways to Health was both prompt and professional in his response. He was very detailed in his services and flexible in his ability to provide specific training per an evaluation of the baseline skill set. His “holistic” approach to the game of golf is intriguing and I am looking forward to the outcome of a more complete approach to the game.

John A.

August 24, 2014

John is a very patient and experienced golf teacher. He started with basics (even though I have experience golfing) and through that method was able to help me improve my ability in a sustainable way. He is also very flexible to work around a busy schedule. I highly recommend John for anyone looking to become a better golfer!

Elizabeth L.

August 22, 2014

I took a few golf lessons with John and he was a great instructor. He was very helpful with tips and drills that have enabled me to practice on my own and improve my game. I would recommend taking lessons with John if you are looking to improve your swing.

Matt H.

October 29, 2012

“John’s technical trainer skills are outstanding, however his encouragement skills are ever better. John is not only a good friend but a person who cares about each clients long term ability to make their personal goals.

A+++ in my book.”

Don C.

October 29, 2012

“I first met John at the Women’s Golf store, where he was the golf professional on staff. He took the time to help me understand golf and gave me a few free lessons with my new clubs. 10 yrs later, I ran into him at the YMCA. We struck up a friendship and he took the time to help me work out more effectively than I was doing on my own. Although not a fan of the gym, he never made me feel bad. He helped me make working out fun. He was kind and compassionate, really cared about EVERY person he taught. Plus, he always made sure that I was working to fatigue correctly. Eventually, I realized that having my own personal trainer was the way to go, so I married him. I feel his specialty is working with those individuals who don’t feel comfortable in the gym, but want to work out with someone who can keep them accountable and teach them the right way to make a workout or golf lesson actually produce results. I may be slightly biased, but I truly believe there is no one better than John when it comes to learning golf or fitness.”

Kelley D.