Individual lessons are one hour at $40, regardless of the type of lesson.

I welcome absolute beginners or seasoned golfers. I conduct a basic Golf 101 class where everything from essential pre-swing fundamentals to in-swing dynamic drills are learned. I teach golf etiquette, the rules of the game, about the golf clubs themselves, and course management.

Virtual lessons are available and encouraged. The first step would be to send sample videos of your swing for in depth analysis.

As I am no longer affiliated with a particular facility, I have the flexibility to meet you at any driving range or course for instruction. For those who desire it, I do give on-course lessons. As part of the cost for this type of approach, I ask that the student pay for my 9 hole fee.

Truly, the possibilities for fun and unique lessons with me are almost limitless. Give me a call and lets discuss how we might work together to improve your game.